Stacy Post, a native Hoosier, writes plays, poetry and short fiction. Her work has won several awards.  She has even been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  

She resides in the heartland of Indiana.  She has degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University.  

She works as a librarian and enjoys being surrounded by lovely books.  As a writer, well, there's no know cure.  

She's probably writing right now.



 10 Things

 You Might Not Know  About Stacy

 1.    Stacy prefers coffee over tea.

 2.    She is a child of the eighties.

 3.    She loves to drive a stick shift.

 4.    A pilot license is in her      



 5.   Chickens make her smile.

 6.    She despises left turns.

 7.    And holey socks.

 8.    She loves to play chess.

 9.    She also loves car washes and


 10.  She will pick writing over house

        work. Every.  Single.  Time.